Art Room Themes

For the past few school years I have been incorporating some sort of theme across my classroom decorations.
My first year doing it I made a jungle theme: my tables were wrapped in green paper, the maintenance department gave me giant cardboard tubes that were turned into palm trees, I had elephants, monkeys, and vines all across my room.

My second year I was pregnant and didn’t want too elaborate of decorations so I stuck with a rainbow theme and incorporated paint samples that I received from a closing hardware store in all of my stuff.

DSCN6316 (Small)
The big theme that seemed to stick with my students and is still asked about is the Disney theme that I did. Each month the characters on my white board changed to someone familiar for all ages, I had Disney style font for my labels throughout the room, my hall boards were decorated with Elsa, Tiana, and Mickey, I turned the windows on my classroom doors into recognizable images one was the stained glass rose from Beauty and the Beast the other was the fish tank from Finding Nemo (more pictures to follow).

IMG_20141121_131224_188 IMG_20141121_131251_553
This years theme is Video Games. I felt the Disney theme, though beloved by all, seemed to have a ton of girly stuff so I decided to switch gears and try some games that the boys would be intrigued in (not the violent ones of course, though they want me to add some of that stuff!!!) So far I have not infused my room with too many video game items but enough to get the kids excited! I will let you all know more as I add things to my room!

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