“Under the Sea” Room Decorations

This school year I have decided to run with a water theme to help incorporate a few things that I feel will connect with my older students as well as my younger students. I have added some stuff from Finding Dory in my room as well as water Pokemon to connect to the Pokemon Go craze!

I like to spread my theme across the school in a couple different ways. I have my hall boards that reflect the theme, I have the kids create projects that relate to the theme, and the past few years I have been having the staff a the school draw/color/design something that relates to the theme and display it outside of their classroom.

Here is my classroom before it was completely done and in progress!

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I love decorating my room! It takes a while especially when I decide to draw out new decorations but it is a great way to get into the swing of school. This year my two year old was “helping” me get my room setup so it took a bit longer that I expected, but it is ready for school to begin!

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Hope you all have a great school year!

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