“Under the Sea” Room Decorations

This school year I have decided to run with a water theme to help incorporate a few things that I feel will connect with my older students as well as my younger students. I have added some stuff from Finding Dory in my room as well as water Pokemon to connect to the Pokemon Go craze!

I like to spread my theme across the school in a couple different ways. I have my hall boards that reflect the theme, I have the kids create projects that relate to the theme, and the past few years I have been having the staff a the school draw/color/design something that relates to the theme and display it outside of their classroom.

Here is my classroom before it was completely done and in progress!

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I love decorating my room! It takes a while especially when I decide to draw out new decorations but it is a great way to get into the swing of school. This year my two year old was “helping” me get my room setup so it took a bit longer that I expected, but it is ready for school to begin!

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Hope you all have a great school year!

Under the Sea Hallway Boards

My hall boards were installed a few years ago when another school donated them. I have been decorating them as well as having students help me at the end of the school year to create unique designs for them that relate to the theme in my classroom.

I have three boards that are displayed across the school. The decorations have to be appropriate for all ages since they are hung in a Preschool through 12th grade school. They also have to get the kids all excited about Art (like they really need a poster to get them excited about Art!)

In the hall closest to my little ones I have a Finding Nemo / Finding Dory themed board. I drew out Crush and Squirt and laminated them before I added them to the board. Might need to add a few more things to the board but they were good enough for our school’s Open House.IMG_20160815_160203453

The next board that I created was from Finding Nemo as well. I love Bruce from the movie and thought that he would be a great board. I also so a similar idea on Pinterest but adapted it for Art! I painted Bruce directly on the blue paper that I hung up.


The last board that I created was inspired by Pokemon Go. I saw a similar poster on Facebook and had to incorporate it this school year. I also drew out the Magikarp and Gyarados then laminated them before I hung them on the wall. I made sure that I used the team colors from Pokemon Go as the background colors!


These boards are one of the ways that I get back into the school mood. I get myself excited as I plan to get the students excited!! Looking forward to the new school year!